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It’s hard not to be aware of breast cancer. Pink ribbons can be found on everything these days! The other side of the pink ribbon is torn and tattered. The dark secret of breast cancer, is told by those men and women who are living with the kind of breast cancer that kills. This is the story that must be told, and you can help.

Twisted Pink is developing Ambassadors across the country to help us raise funding for research and bring the facts about Metastatic disease to the front of the pink ribbon. Contact us today if you are interested in joining our Volunteer Ambassador Program.

Help Spread Awareness

Breast cancer awareness is prominent in pink promotions everywhere. There is far less notice of the realities of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Those who do understand often prefer to ignore the existence of the disease, finding it too frightening to contemplate. Despite tremendous focus on prevention and early detection, the fact remains that 20-30% of patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer will eventually metastasize and ultimately die from the disease. Volunteer to help raise awareness about Stage IV breast cancer in your city.

There are many ways to volunteer with Twisted Pink! We rely 100% on volunteers! Volunteers are contacted throughout the year with various opportunities for involvement. Please consider your talents and sign up to volunteer in any of the following areas:

Ambassador for Twisted Pink –Must have been previously diagnosed with breast cancer and be in remission. Ambassadors agree to spread the mission of Twisted Pink in a positive & collaborative manor and to advocate for those living with MBC!

Board of Directors – If you have a passion for moving the mission of Twisted Pink to the next level, we would love for you to submit your resume and a statement of why we should consider you to serve on our Board of Directors. The Board meets 4 times per year.

Faces of Twisted Pink – Must be a MBC patient willing to spread the message of hope through research funding. You may be asked to speak at our Annual Gala Event!

General Volunteer – If you are organized and are a people person, we need you to help make our mission to end breast cancer a reality! You will be contacted as we need volunteers to make all of our events happen!

Graphic Design – Twisted Pink has the need for professional graphic designers to volunteer their time for creating print materials for events, promotional mailings, etc…

Host a Fundraiser – for Twisted Pink in your own city or place of work!

Masquerade Ball – Join our committee to plan our largest fundraiser of the year!

PR/Marketing – Twisted Pink needs your help connecting us with the right media outlets to spread our mission. If you have PR/Marketing skills and would like to volunteer, we need you!